Fox Cities Book Festival: Amanda Lauer

The Fox Cities Meets Hollywood

Amanda Lauer

What does it take to transition from your day job to a best-selling author and movie producer? Join us as Appleton resident Amanda Lauer talks about the impetus, inspiration and process to become an author and step into the world of movie making. Lauer is a journalist, proofreader, copy editor, and health and wellness advocate by trade but was motivated to begin writing her first novel 10 years ago. A World Such as Heaven Intended was published October 29, 2014 and has gone on to be a national award-winning best-seller and has been offered a movie contract from a Hollywood film production studio.


The real work starts after your book is published, notes Lauer. Effective marketing, particularly through social media, has been the key to propelling this book to the No. 1 spot on Amazon in 2014 and once again in 2018. Networking, and having an outstanding product to offer, connected her to insiders in the movie industry.


Join us and find out what it takes to bring an idea from its inception to a book, then to a series of books, and finally to the silver screen.