Get to Know a Conservation Warden

Come and join us as we learn about the important role of Conservation Wardens in keeping our parks and enviroments safe and healthy! A Conservation Warden from High Cliff State Park will be our special guest presenter during this class.

This class is intended for school-age students and up. Please dress for the weather as we may be spending time outdoors. Class will be held at 1,000 Islands Environmental Center.

Registration required and begins 9/2. To register, stop by the service desk or call 766-6340 (press for service desk). Registration is only for this specific class. To participate in other classes in this series, please register when our registration dates open.

  • Get to Know a Naturalist: Johnny Appleseed - October 22. Registration begins 10/8.
  • Get to Know Our Wisconsin State Parks: High Cliff State Park - November 19. Registration begins 11/5.
  • Get to Know Our Wisconsin State Parks: Devil's Lake State Park - December 17. Registration begins 12/3.