Random Acts of Kindness: Fleece Blanket Making

Blanket Making will be held in the Adult Fiction area. 

Join members of River View Middle School's Random Acts of Kindness Club to make fleece blankets to share with those in need.

Drop in any time during the event; work for 5 minutes or the whole time. Every act of kindness helps! Student volunteers will be on hand to teach you how to make the blankets. Open to all ages, children under 10 should be with a parent or caregiver.

Thursday, December 5, 5:00-7:00 - Stop in before or during the Library's Planters for a Purpose fundraiser.

Friday, December 13, 3:30-5:00

The mission of the Random Acts of Kindness Club is to make the world a better place by doing kind things anytime we notice that someone needs it. As it gets colder, we want to help the homeless and those in need to stay warm too! To help in this goal, the club is also asking for the items listed below.

**Fleece for making blankets
**coat and winter boots
**new hats, gloves, and socks
**unused chapstock

Donations can be dropped off in the box inside the Library entrance labeled "Random Acts of Kindness". Donations will benefit the library's clothing rack and other area organizations.